Coupole monumental installation

2007-2009  The cupola was commissioned by the 16th century gothic church Saint Merry of Paris, as a temporary installation for the nave.

The Cupola, 6 meters in diameter, 14 meters in height

Hugo Bonamin conceived, constructed and painted The coupola of Saint Merry’s church.

It was a challenging project as to the construction of the piece and the painting which decorates its internal face, both creating a decorated sound effective ceiling to the area of the church dedicated to concerts.

The dome or coupola, hanging at the west end of the 60 meters long nave of the church and axed on the main entrance, was installed at a possibly varying height to be positioned between 7 to 15 meters, depending on the musical arrangement set below, for musicians to perform over a hundred concerts per year.

The dome la coupole des concertistes, 6 meters in diameter and 1.30 meters in height, was entirely made of plywood and inhabited by a huge portrait, executed in oil on wood and representing a passing angel, according to the theme given by the church holders for various artistic exhibitions in 2008.

Conceived as an ephemere piece of artistic exhibition, the dome or coupola was given a limited period of time to stay in its position, thus authorized by the Paris House of Historical Monuments.

Finally, the dome had to be removed and destroyed after 13 months of both artistic and sound effective presence in this 16th century catholic church.

The Destruction Duo, piano and chainsaw duo performed by Frédérique Blondy and Hugo Bonamin:

Reverse Chronography:

Pressreview by Richard Leydier in Artpress n°343

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