EL coño de Irène 2015 (in collaboration with Romane Serez)

Le con d'Irène, mixed media, 18x18x40 cm

“Le con d’Irène”, mixed media, 18x18x40 cm

Shagging ends 2015 (in collaboration with Ursula Pascual Lerario)

"Shagging ends", 2015, mixed media, 20x20x20 cm

“Shagging ends”, 2015, mixed media, 20x20x20 cm

Le dernier jour d’un condamné 2013

“Le dernier jour d’un condamné”, 2013, mixed media, 20x20x20cm

Sodoma’s Band 2012

Le cabanon is the trademak of the University of Lausanne contemporary exhibitions. Hugo Bonamin’s miniature copy of the shed is the scenary for Sodoma’s Band, to look at through a fish eye, thus superposing his imaginary stand.

“Sodoma’s Band”, mixed media, 25x30x30cm

B747  2003

An Airfrance Boeing 747 was dismanteled to be reparted among a group of 34 artists. Here is B747:

“B747”, mixed media, 25x180x140cm

Micromondes gallery:

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